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"A Moment Capturer" to Simulate Real Human Perception

AI cannot be realized no matter how eagerly the researchers study "deep learning" unless they find new ways of information processing which substitutes the current computers. 
Deep learning, indeed, might be one of the effective methods to simulate the process of human thinking.  That said, it is nothing but the extension of traditional computer processing. Although the answers of current "AI" may look something like the result of human thinking when the processing is fast enough, it is far from a human answer.
Real human perception cannot be realized as an extension of the traditional computer way of processing information "serially" since the real entity of human intelligence is "comprehensive" entity in which huge knowledge exist "simultaneously". It may require a completely different way of grasping the moment of perception to simulate a true "human intelligence".
While stupid people are wasting trillions of dollars on "AI", which does not surpass the high-speed processing of big data by a conventional computer, I will complete the smallest model of "a moment capturer" for just $ 10,000, which simulates human perception successfully.

More detail, email me.

Takashi Kotani

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